Governance, compliance and risk management software to audit, assess and measure operational risk across the organisation

GRC Enterprise is more than an audit tool. It has all the functionality required to audit, assess and measure risk across the organisation, including the automation of operational risk management and regulatory compliance. The solution covers internal audit planning and scoring functionality, continuous monitoring of compliance and certified risk assessments, KRI and loss-event tracking..

Users can automate data collection, validation and issues management as well as control and document all actions, decisions and changes. Its range of flexible modules allow for the notification, tracking and escalation of issues and exceptions, along with real-time reporting and organisation-wide sharing of information. The solution can be configured to users’ specific needs while standard models ensure fast and simple implementation and seamless integration with other systems.


Business benefits

Ability to audit, assess and measure risk with greater transparency and lower costs

Complete audit trail for decision-making and program changes.

Better cost tracking and documentation management.

Robust notification and issues escalation processes.

Aligns with COSO and CobiT frameworks and PCAOB recommendations.

Fast, cost-effective implementations.

Multilingual technical support

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