Enabling effective decisions based on comprehensive research

The long-term success of a business depends on efficient and cost effective research undertaken. An in-depth business research enable a company to do a detailed study about several internal and external factors influencing the market share and profitability of the company.

The experienced business research team of Dion Global Solutions provides companies with comprehensive insights into their target markets, customers and competitors - providing them with a competitive advantage in driving top-line growth. Our business research offering spans a broad spectrum wherein our analyst teams integrate industry, functional, and technical capabilities with market understanding, to produce critical conclusions that enhance our customers’ strategy and marketing competencies.

Areas of expertise

Our research and analyst teams have extensive experience across all areas of business research and are well adept to conduct both primary as well as secondary researches. Our key areas of expertise lie in:

Opportunity Assessment

Current market size and growth projections to identify opportunities in new geographies, target various customer segments or launch new products.

Consumer Segment Analysis

Study of current and emerging trends in consumer / customer preferences, and assessment of factors such as brand loyalty, willingness to switch to new products, etc.

Industry Studies

Detailed industry studies covering aspects such as growth drivers, prevailing trends, key players and forecasting, etc.

Company Profiles

Profiling of both public limited and private companies including company overview, key executive profiles, financial performance analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.

Competitive Assessment

Profiling of competing products and services to understand the intensity of existing competition and future expansion plans.

Value Chain Analysis

In-depth value chain assessment to analyse market characteristics, including industry trends, technology assessment, competitive positioning, challenges, etc.

Macro environment Studies

Study of regulatory practices and environment in the target geographies to assess the impact on a company’s ability to enter and operate in a business segment.

Market Entry Strategy Analysis

Assessing market opportunity based on evaluation of relevant parameters.

Social Media and Online Behaviour Tracking

Conduct a brand, company, and category specific digital media-based research, with a view to understand and analyse the ‘buzz’ surrounding specific events, e.g. product launches, ad campaigns, etc.

List Generation

Conduct extensive desk research coupled with primary interviews (both face to face and telephonic) to generate list of prospective business partners or vendors, in any geography, as specified by the client

In the Syndicated Research space, Dion releases several sector specific reports, specifically focusing on South East Asia and covering a wide spectrum of emerging industries. These syndicated studies are available for consumption through leading global report reselling platforms.

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