Offers User Friendly Trading Front Ends, Consolidated Risk Management System, Trading Interface for Third Party Products, Web & Mobile Trading Platforms to Provide Seamless Trading Experience to Investors and Traders Across Multi Markets & Exchange Segments in India.

With the rapidly changing technology landscape, retail and institutional brokers, modern traders and investors expect trading platforms to offer superior trading experience across multiple devices (web, mobile, tablets), seamless connectivity to multiple stock exchanges/markets, with enhanced customization capabilities and low turn around & implementation time.

Dion’s TradeAnywhere provide end-to-end, flexible, integrated and intelligent trading solutions in India for stock brokers and retail investors. The system can be accessed through a web-based platform or a mobile application, ensuring users can easily and securely trade in equities, derivatives and commodities through an intuitive interface.

With trading capabilities and market information for all of the major Indian stock exchanges and segments (NSE, BSE, FONSE, CDNSE, NCDEX, MCX, MCXSX, IPO, MF, NCD, GOI, FD, Non-Life Insurance) the system supports trading of CFDs (Contracts for Difference) and users can monitor market data, maintain portfolios, place orders and check order. Its risk and exposure management system are configurable, ensuring it matches the stock broker’s risk mandate.

TradeAnywhere includes a suite of modules designed to meet all the technology needs of financial brokers, traders and investors in India. As a modular solution, TradeAnywhere allows certain modules to be independently implemented to meet a specific business requirement.


  • WebTradez, TradeExpress, FTLite
    Advisor and Investor friendly dealer and client terminal (Web, Mobile & Desktop terminals) with customer specific requirement.
  • FastTrade
    Global Dynamic Dealer terminal with Call n Trade and IVR integrated Dealer terminal
  • Surveillance and Power Admin
    Web based Surveillance & power admin to manage real-time risk from anywhere, any system(server/desktop/laptop) of member
  • Order Routing and Risk Management Engine
    Supports order routing, trade execution and risk management with Integrated, highly configurable, real-time risk management tools
  • AssetAnywhere
    User-friendly, highly customized and modular solutions for third party products distribution (IPO, MF, NCD, FD, GOI, OFS).
  • Ticker Plant Middleware
    Provides low latency, tick by tick Real time market data feeds, (order confirmations and trade confirmations) from the exchanges to aid in quick decision making.
  • Interfaces
    Offers customized interfaces and adapters for banks, depositories, RTA and exchanges.
  • Portfolio Tracker
    A fully automated portfolio tracking and reporting system to manage multi asset-classes investments


Multi Exchange, Markets Connectivity
Provides seamless trading experience to retail brokers across all the financial products, multiple Asset Classes, Exchange Segments and markets (like NSE, BSE, FONSE, CDNSE, NCDEX, MCX, MCXSX,
Highly Parameterized Solution
All the features are available in form of parameters, risk managers can create a product as per their requirement by checking and unchecking any of the parameters.
Centralized Risk Management System
Offers a single and consolidated risk management system for offline and online customers. Brokers can consolidate the risk of the clients and don’t have to upload client files at different server locations.
Scalable Architecture
It has a scalable 3 tier architecture. It’s flexible trading architecture with scalable and robust messaging, can be scaled from 25,000 Trades a day to 200,000 Trades a day.
IVR Integrated Front End
Global Dynamic Dealer terminal with Call n Trade and IVR integrated Dealer terminal
Single user id and password
Single user id and password for all front ends. Clients can view all their trade related data like client activity, net position, trade log, client margin report, asset report from any of the front ends.
Auto reconnect
Auto reconnect to Trading and Feed Server (with incremental download and feed re-registration) with Trading and Feed indicator.
User friendly Terminal
Advisor and Investor friendly dealer and client terminal with customer specific requirements.
Web based Surveillance
Web based Surveillance can run from any system(server/desktop/laptop) of member, and a user can manage risk from anywhere.
Low Latency, Real-time tick by tick Feeds
Offers Intuitive market watch with real time tick by tick feed and market depth in front-ends (Dealer, Client exe, Web and mobile) with less bandwidth requirement.
Advanced Charting
Provides advanced charting and tools for technical analysis of trends with a wide range of indicators.


End-to-End Solutions
TradeAnywhere is a one stop solution in India for financial broking, investors, intermediaries and traders’ technology needs.

Ease of Dealing with Single Vendor & Login
Eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple clients, remembering multiple login ids and passwords

Low Turn Around & Implementation Time
Ensures timely launch of products and new execution strategies in a very short turnaround time.

Reduced Operation Cost
Offers cost efficient and feature rich trading platforms for retail and institutional investors.

Quick Response to Business Logic Customization
The solution can be fully customized as per user’s requirement

Reliable & Scalable System
System will be able to scale up when load increases on the system

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