A Fully Automated Portfolio Tracking System to Manage Multi Asset-Classes Investments

Portfolio tracker
Empowering Financial Advisors and End Investors in India to Make Smarter and Better-Informed Investment Decisions with Dion Global’s Efficient, Comprehensive and Intelligent Portfolio Tracking Tools.
Portfolio tracker

Keeping track of multiple investments’ performance and consolidate all the investments in a single location for quick and easy access is a huge time-consuming hassle. Dion’s intelligent Portfolio Tracker is designed to help investors manage their investments across multiple asset classes with a simple and easy to use online platform. Thousands of investors and financial advisors in India now use Dion’s Portfolio Tracking and Reporting tools to manage and analyze their investment portfolios across different asset classes, such as Equities, Mutual Funds, FDs, Loans, Real estate, derivatives, borrowings, and commodities etc.

Key Features of Dion’s Portfolio Tracker

Manage all investments through a single login
Portfolio Tracker consolidates all investments automatically, which enable Investors & their RM to monitor the performance of their investments with just a few clicks across all devices, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Investment Summary & Analytics Reports
Offers intelligent, value-added reports like transaction reports (date, yearly, or industry wise), annualized returns, capital gains, holding options, currency reports, and charts that enable smarter investment decisions. Financial advisors and investors can also compare their portfolio with different indices to get a view of their diversified investments and risk profiling.

Watch List
Allows users to keep a tab on the stock prices movements through the watch list tracking option. Users can create multiple watch lists to track the required stocks before making a decision to invest.

Manage Data
Users can export their portfolio details in Microsoft Excel or download the charting images in JPG/PNG/SVG/PDF formats for record-keeping or tax filing.

The Portfolio Tracking System allows users to set custom alerts for their investment portfolios to track critical price movements.

Track Multi-Assets Investment Portfolios Across

Automated Data Feeds
  • Equities: Dion’s equity investment portfolio tracker works on real time market data feeds. It automatically feeds all transactions in the system from back-office, and gives a detailed view of stocks’ merger, demergers, bonus, splits etc.
  • Mutual Funds: Mutual fund investments portfolio gets all transactions in the system automatically from the back-office, and the NAV feeds from Dion servers which allows it to generate performance reports (scheme, plan wise) and enable investors to analyze their investments in different prospective & diversify accordingly.
  • Commodity: Dion’s commodities investment tracker shows all the commodity investment transaction related to MCX and NCDEX with detailed reports.
  • Derivatives: The derivatives investment tracker give the investors a view of their traded contract for Futures and Options, average buy or sell price, contract wise exposure and realized and unrealized gain/loss.
  • Forex: Dion forex tracker shows the detailed currency related investment transaction.
Manual Data Feeds
  • Fixed Income: Allows users to manage and track their portfolios across a diverse suite of fixed income investment solutions like; NSE, FD, Bonds, PPF
  • Loans : Loan segment analyses the risks that are inherent in the credit process that are managed and controlled across the following loan types; House, Auto, Educational, Personal and others.
  • Real estate: Enables users to manage and access their real-estate investments across residential, commercial, or land and compares the market value to the total purchase price.
  • BullionPortfolio Tracker’s bullion segment provides users the option to track their investment in Gold and Silver.
  • Insurance: Insurance investment tracking segment allows users to add new schemes or update scheme details with the complete transactional view page.

Benefits of Portfolio Tracker

Time Saving

Better Investment Decision Making

Easy-to-Use Tracking Platform


Grow your investments while managing all your investment portfolios in one place with Dion’ Intelligent Portfolio Tracker!

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