A solution to tackle transparency in investment fee management

Today, transparency is high on the private client agenda. A simple, transparent charging structure and a frank ongoing dialogue about what is being charged, when, how and why is not only required by the regulators but it is also essential to maintaining client confidence.

There is little doubt that fees are the primary source of revenue for financial institutions. From flat-rate costs to transactional charges and fixed, periodic fees, the makeup of management fees varies widely from firm to firm. What remains consistent across the financial markets though is the ability to easily breakdown and clearly communicate the composition of the underlying charges – both when the charge is applied and at a future date to meet auditing requirements.

Dion's fee processing module is a flexible and automated framework to support the calculation and charging of any fee type or structure. It provides wealth managers, stockbrokers, asset managers and intermediaries with a viable solution to easily manage the complex sharing of fees and reduce the level of manual processing.

The system is scalable and can easily support new business while simultaneously maintaining all existing and often complex arrangements with clients, advisors and other stakeholders. With the choice of a hosted or deployed setup, the system can be seamlessly integrated with any third party application.



  • Transparent calculation and collection of fees. From clients to advisors and anyone receiving a service from the firm.
  • A single installation supports multiple setups, proving an efficient calculation and charging structure.
  • Flexible accrual and billing timeframes support changing business requirements.
  • Seamless integration with any proprietary system ensure accurate data flow.
  • Available as a Saas (Software as a service) offering or as a fully deployed solution.

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