Investor Relations Solutions, Services


Investor Relations Solutions & Services
Our Customised Investor Relations Solutions and Content Services Provide Single Window Access to Your Investors on Live Stock Prices, Charts, Financial Data, Company Reports, Shareholders Information & Contact Details.
Investor Relations Solutions & Services

The increasingly competitive markets mean, the need for companies to effectively manage investor relations. Effective Investor Relations Section is most important for any listed company as it provides a single point of information for their investors, shareholders, prospective investors, and the financial community. With limited resource and increasing demand, teams responsible for managing the investor relations content or section, face a real challenge – this is where we can help.

Since 1995, Dion Global Solutions have been a leading Investor Relations content provider to the Indian Financial markets & institutions. We have been successfully managing the Investor Relations Section for many BSE/NSE listed public companies, and private companies that plan to go public.

What is our Investor Relations Solution?

Our Investor Relations solutions provide a single window access to your investors, stakeholders and financial analysts on your company’s live stock prices, charts, financial results, Company News, annual reports, shareholders information, contact details and more.

Our Investor relations solutions has IOS and Android compatibility with all resolutions (responsive) and RSS news feed feature. RSS news feed covers news from different sources along with Dion source and enable companies to provide updated stock information on their website. We have been managing the investor relations section for many leading listed companies in India.

Investor Relations Solutions & Services

Why should you have an Investor Relations Section?

Keep your investors informed
Acquire the largest mind share of your investors
Exhibit the potential of investment opportunity in the company
Create transparency and secure the market dynamics
Optimize and save on costs for maintaining investor relationships

How our Investor Relations Solutions can help you?

Provides wide range of customised options
Deliver key investor-oriented documents & content
100% accuracy with shorter delivery time
Collaborates with the world of stock market
Helps you create a higher corporate visibility on the company website
Ensures the communications are clear, forthright, understandable, and consistent relationships

Key Features of Our Investor Relations Services

Flexible Delivery

We provide various delivery formats as per the client need for their Website Investor Relations Section.

Responsive Iframe

We provide the look and feel as per customer's main website and customer can just plug and play to where it needs to integrate in the website. Also, Iframe will give graphical chart representation for stock price data. Iframe pages are compatible for both mobile and desktop devices.

API (Application program Interface)

We provide the data in API with JSON/XML delivery and customer can integrate those data as per website User Interface.

Customised Investor Relations Website Development

We also provide a facility of developing a website only for investor relations as per the client’s requirements. This separate investor relation website will have features like Financial and reports document upload. We also offer the hosting service for client’s sub domain sites like For documents upload, we provide a CMS module so that all the documents can be uploaded immediately without any dependency.

Keep your investors informed about your business with our Investor Relations Solutions & Services!

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