Dion d rive financial data extraction standardisation solution
A fast, secure and highly scalable solution for the financial institutions to intelligently extract, standardize, enrich data from multiple sources, and significantly enhance functionalities thereby improving TAT.

D-Rive Smart Data Transformation Solution

D-Rive Financial Data Transformation Software from Dion Global Solutions

D-Rive from Dion is a financial data extraction and standardization technology solution that drives confident business decisions. An innovative, intelligent technology solution that automates the process of extraction, transformation, and distribution of data from structured as well as unstructured sources. The solution has the capability of converting scanned documents, images into editable & searchable data by using proprietary engine. It uses a highly automated data extraction workbench and provides the ability to extract every line-item from any financial document such as annual reports, fact-sheets, and analyst models amongst others. The extracted data undergoes a transformation to compute standardized data, ratios, non-reported numbers and more. The transformed data is presented through a web portal with source linking for 'click-through' auditability and an excel add-in to allow for further manipulation. D-Rive also offers automated rule-based data quality verification, classification-based transformation and standardisation to allow simplified data comparisons.


  • Highly Configurable:
    D-Rive is a highly configurable rules driven (for data extraction, validation, and transformation) standardization platform. With modular interface, it can be customized as per business needs.
  • Capture Contextual Information:
    It can understand the nature of data and identify relationships between various data objects
    • Table sentences – period, attributes, row, column header,
    • Text mining - numbers, periods, magnitude, units, data dictionary,
    • Named entity management, data point – attribute association, Open NLP module for text-specific parsing.
  • Quality Controls:
    The solution checks for data quality giving results instantly. It also gives an option to review and edit data manually.
  • Multiple Data Formats:
    D-Rive is capable of handling data in multiple formats -HTML, DOC, XLS, ASCII, PDF and more, and the data extraction process handles special characters and uncontrolled variables.
  • Multiple Delivery Formats:
    Extracted data can be populated on Web-services (XML, JSON), Excel, CSV, User-app or other analytic applications. D-Rive also gives seamless integration facility with other tools.


Better Decision-Making
D-Rive’s cleansed and standardized data leads to better decision making, auditability and stronger review process.

Improved Accuracy
D-Rive provides consistent and accurate results based on validation rules defined.

Highly Scalable
D-Rive can absorb spike in volume without impacting FTE numbers

Enhanced Productivity
Faster processing and extraction of data from multiple documents with high throughput drives efficient business processes.

Reduced Manual Intervention
The complete data standardization process is automated with D-Rive, which reduces manual data management process.

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