Financial services firms have always wanted to derive insights from data in order to make fact-based decisions. What has changed is how the effective use of data is increasingly turning into a competitive advantage and separating leaders from laggards.

For Investment Managers', analytics has long been at the core of investment decision making. Firms are increasingly looking to leverage business data to drive efficiency, grow revenues and improve margins.

The Dion Wealth Management solution set creates and maintains a large amount of data. The WIN Analytics module will help you to derive insight from your data and from any number of external data feeds, to influence the way you interact with customers, competitors, regulators, the market and even your own shareholders or fellow board members.


Dashboards enabling intuitive graphical analysis and presentation.

Sourcing of data from multiple sources - either from Dion modules, market data, accounting packages and/or other external sources.

Data aggregation and drilldown functionality.

Data feeds from WIN Analytics to third party systems.

Alerts driven by MI.

Real-time dashboards for Trading, Operations and Compliance monitoring.

Business benefits

Faster insights to your data.

Proactive analytics driven asset management.

Drive efficiency, grow revenues and improve margins.

Actively measure, monitor and mitigate risk.

Deliver MI at much lower cost.

Gain competitive advantage with products, services and trade analytics.

Enhanced customer service and retention.

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