Automated, feature-rich,
enhanced user-experience,
cost-efficient platform for entire
trading lifecycle

Pricing, execution and management of orders, live market information system for consolidated access to company and market data, news feeds and social media
Dion Global’s TradeCentre has you covered for the entire life cycle of the trading process for both Buy-side and Sell-side, from
  • performance and scalability
  • low latency trading tools
  • compliance and risk management.

TradeCentre helps improve your and your client’s productivity, competitiveness and efficiency, while at the same time reducing your current costs and risk.

TradeCentre can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and counter-parties’ technology, enabling you to punch above your weight and be scaled up to match the highest volumes and the most sophisticated client requirements. Customised implementations are configured to your specific needs and can be deployed across a range of technology platforms including desktops, browsers, smart phones and tablets.


The Order Management Server helps manage your client orders from receipt to confirmation including client order management; pre-trade client risk; client position management; middle office; best execution & audit/compliance; trading rules to maintain a fair and orderly market; portfolio derivatives risk management; exposure management & NLV.


The Smart Order Router enables you to access the world’s financial markets directly or connect to a comprehensive range of trading services from brokers around the globe via FIX.


TC uses an Event Driven framework combined with a new data structure, known as a ring buffer, that allows messages to pass between application threads in a highly efficient mechanically sympathic way; resulting in a highly scalable application on commodity hardware. A modular design of the solution allows you to pick and choose what services to use.


TC’s core processing engine is capable of a raw speed exceeding 10,000,000 ops/second, enabling its market data pipeline to handle in excess of 100,000 market events / second; default strategy (straight through to a single venue) processes @ 700 orders/second; and achievable order rate far in excess of single ASX gateway limitations (max 50/sec). The different tiers in TC can all be clustered to provide both scalability and high availability.

TradeCentre can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and counter-parties’ technology,

Customer speaks

    With ever increasing competition and decreasing trade margins, the industry requires a solution that is technically advanced and helps cut costs. I was impressed on both counts with TradeCentreTM. It provides the functionality our business requires and gives advisors the flexibility to work as they want. Dion has done an impressive job in terms of deployment and support of our business. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them.    

CEO | Hartleys

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