A comprehensive suite of dealer terminal, client terminal, web portal and mobile trading solution

TradeAnywhere is a flexible and scalable solution for retail traders. The system can be accessed through a web-based platform or a mobile application, ensuring users can easily and securely trade in equities, derivatives and commodities through an intuitive interface.

Its functionality includes online trading, order routing, execution and market data dissemination (including quotes, charts, news and research). Its risk and exposure management system is configurable, ensuring it matches the broker’s risk mandate.

The system captures and analyses data so that firms can offer their clients a variety of real-time market information across a range of markets and sources. With trading capabilities and market information for all of the major Indian stock exchanges (including BSE, NSE) and the Vietnamese exchanges (including HOSEs, HNX, Upcom), the system supports trading of CFDs (Contracts for Difference) and users can monitor market data, maintain portfolios, place orders and check order statuses.

Providing full order functionality including order placement, real time quotes, top gainers and losers and an overview of indices through a fast, user-friendly and secure application.

User-friendly interface to facilitate seamless transition

A versatile trading front end application

• Predefined & user-configurable work spaces.
• Complete set of standard menu items, icons & shortcut keys.
• Intuitive working interface.

Centralised risk management system

Single system to manage risk for all transactions

• Manage risk portfolio for all clients through a single centralised system.
• Horizontal as well as vertical scalability of the system.


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