A multi-market, automated retail trading solution

TradeCentre provides automated order processing to enhance the trading experience and meet compliance requirements. It has all the functionality required for advisors to manage the entire trading and investment process from one application. This includes the pricing, execution and management of orders and a live market information system for consolidated access to company and market data, news feeds and social media.

Flexible and easy-to-use, TradeCentre can address the varied demands of advisors, stock brokers and retail clients. This leads to improved customer service and a streamlined process that bridges different areas of the business. Customised implementations are configured to individuals’ needs and can be deployed across a range of technology platforms including desktops, browsers, smart phones and tablets.

Order management

Powerful order management capabilities across equities, warrants and exchange traded options increase efficiencies.


Single data source provides consistent view across all channels – desktop, online, web services, and mobile.

Open and component based architecture

TC uses an Event Driven framework combined with a new data structure, known as a ring buffer, that allows messages to pass between application threads in a highly efficient mechanically sympathic way; resulting in a highly scalable application on commodity hardware. A modular design of the solution allows you to pick and choose what services to use.

Performance and scalability

TC’s core processing engine is capable of a raw speed exceeding 10,000,000 ops/second, enabling its market data pipeline to handle in excess of 100,000 market events / second; default strategy (straight through to a single venue) processes @ 700 orders/second; and achievable order rate far in excess of single ASX gateway limitations (max 50/sec). The different tiers in TC can all be clustered to provide both scalability and high availability

Data sources

Data sourced from partners including ASX, Chi-X, Dow Jones, EDI along with Dion’s own fundamental data.


Accredited by ASIC, ASX and Chi-X

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