A scalable and flexible suite of Case & Control Management solutions designed for the financial services industry

FinCASE is a scalable and flexible suite of Case & Control Management solutions designed specifically for the financial services industry. The applications were developed to meet a broad range of requirements from solving small, specific case and control management requirements up to an enterprise-wide solution for tracking of all kinds of issues and queries.

FinCASE is based on Dion’s X-Gen technology which supports seamless integration with a firm’s existing IT landscape using pre-configured connectivity modules.

FinCASE Investigations FinCASE Bank to Bank Commissions FinCASE Framework
Central processing of bank´s payment incidents and client queries Processing of NonSTP and OUR Charges claims “Generic Case Management” framework for automation of query & incident processing across business domains
Improve client service Generic message processing fees Central framework for multiple business processes
Reduce risk for open positions Inbound and outbound claims  
Multi channel Multi entity Scalability Web based Easy integration


  • IT and process related cost savings are achieved through a standard case workflow provided by a single platform that is centrally installed
  • Automation via the FinCASE platform allows firms to generate additional revenue by easily charging for supplementary services such as charges and investigations
  • Enhanced customer service is provided to the end client as a result of a quicker response to issues and queries
  • IT architecture can be consolidated and simplified by reducing the number of case management applications in use across the firm
  • Powerful, centralised reporting capabilities allow for detailed analysis of the underlying processes
  • As a multi-bank solution, FinCASE can support additional business areas, including securities, foreign exchange and complaints

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