A solution for effective management of corporate actions

As businesses grow and a firm's investments universe accordingly increases, financial institutions are under increased pressure to ensure that all corporate actions are known and correctly processed. This pressure is magnified with continued attention from regulators concerning all aspects of operational risk.

Dion's workflow solution introduces controls in the identification, management, visualisation and notification of corporate actions to enable de-risking this area of operation. The solution increases efficiencies, mitigates the risks associated with failing to identify and / or act upon the corporate events that affect a firm and its clients and improves customer service.

Dion-Corporate Actions Processing Graph


  • Reduced risk

  • Automatic identification reduces the risk of missing an event
  • Affected clients can be easily notified with elections accurately recorded
  • The removal of manual processing reduces user error
  • A full audit trail proves compliance, reducing financial and reputational risk
  • Reduced costs / increased efficiencies

  • Labour-intensive manual processes are removed
  • Scalability supports fluctuating volumes and different market conditions
  • Configurable dashboards provide instant, graphical views of the data
  • Data can be obtained from and fed through to multiple sources
  • Improved client service

  • Vital resources are freed up to focus on client service
  • Seamless integration with any application provides a single view of client data
  • Decisions can be implemented at an individual and group level
  • Prompts about missing notifications give clients a second chance to respond
  • Can be integrated with client portal
  • Enabling growth

  • By introducing efficient control points, volume blockages would be addressed
  • Increased processing is enabled through reduced manual intervention
  • Standardisation and centralisation of process also allows business growth
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